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6 Ways to Guarantee Your Guest Post Gets Rejected

Businesses know it very well that blogging or blog posting forms an important part of any business strategy. Blogging not only helps in establishing building authority and trust but can also help in increasing credibility. Blog posts can help a business to easily engage with the audience. Moreover, guest posting strategy can easily help businesses get high-quality backlinks and huge number of traffic. However, Internet marketing companies professionals mention that only when blog posts are done correctly, it can help a business to reach new heights. On the contrary, if blog posts are done incorrectly, the posts won’t get published.

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When Blog Posts Can Get Rejected

You might have thought of writing blog posts for various sites. For this, you might have planned various ways through which you can write the posts for different sites. In case, you are experienced enough, you will know the right way to write the blog posts. However, for newcomers, the writing rules might seem to be completely new.

In this blog, you will get to know the situation when a blog post surely gets rejected by the editor of the moderator of the site.

Becoming a Nightmare

According to Internet marketing companies professionals, guest writers can easily become the nightmare of editors and moderators. There are many instances when writing or a guest post is bound to get rejected. They are:

  • Sending a Boring Pitch

Editors go through dozens of pitches every day. Hence, they want posts which are unique. However, a blog post which is very monotonous and makes use of a boring template is bound to get rejected. Similarly, an uninteresting subject line would surely distract the editor and the post would get rejected.


  • Setting Deadlines on Your Own

Blog writers should respect the editors and moderators. However, if a writer disrespects the editor and send the articles on their preferred dates, them the writing would be rejected. Internet marketing companies feels unless a writer abides by the guidelines of the editor they won’t see their writing published.

  • Not Marketing the Brand

A Guest post is all about marketing. Hence, guest posting, a part of content strategy, should drive the business goals. In case, the content is not having enough information about the business then the content would be rejected.

  • Ignoring Publication’s Content  

Internet marketing companies mentions that when the content is not original then the writing can get surely rejected. At the same time, if a writer sends an article on another topic, rather than the topic which the editor has provided, the blog post will be rejected.

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Trusting First Draft

Content can surely get rejected when it’s not written in a professional manner. So sending writing without proper editing can increase the chance of rejection.

Being Creepy

Writers can become creepy and start annoying the editor by following them through social media channels to learn latest updates. Usually, Internet marketing companies feels this kind of activity will irk the editor and the writing would get rejected.

If you don’t want your writing to get rejected, don’t make these mistakes. Avoiding these pitfalls would help your writing to get accepted.

How Rick Simpson Oil for cancer treatment Can Help Medical Patients

Have you been researching about cannabis oil like RSO oil? While researching on the net, you might have come across many documentaries which show that using concentrated form of cannabis oil can provide a lot of health benefits. Scientist and medical fraternity have come up with the fact that Rick Simpson Oil for cancer treatment (RSO) has been able to treat cancer and provide great results.

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil for cancer treatment

Apart from being an ultimate cure for cancer, research findings have shown that it can also help to treat medical conditions. So try to have a strong understanding about the oil.

What is Rick Simpson Oil for cancer treatment?

A highly concentrated form of cannabis oil is the RSO oil. The oil is made by making use of the Indica or sativa strain of the plant. The extract of this strain is used for making the oil. Unlike the CBD oil, Rick Simpson Oil for cancer treatment contains least amount of THC in them. However, in RSO, the THC concentrates is almost 20%.

The Indica strain that is used in the making of this oil contains high THC and low CBD in them. Once the oil is made from the concentrates, it is then applied on the affected areas or consumed as per directions.

Knowing the Man Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson is the man who came up with this amazing oil. In the year 2003, he was diagnosed with a certain form of skin cancer. Simpson was following a Journal of The National Cancer Institute. In this journal, he bumped up with the fact that THC an important cannabinoid of the cannabis plant is able to kill cancer cells.

Simpson asked his doctor about medical marijuana for treating his skin cancer. Even though his doctors didn’t support him, he planned to use Rick Simpson Oil for cancer treatment. He created the RSO oil and applied it on the affected areas. Surprisingly, after few days the cancerous growth was gone.

Later on he started growing cannabis in order to create this oil and help the needy patients.

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How RSO Oil Has Helped Medical Patients?

Studies have shown that RSO has been able to help countless of health conditions of patients, starting from chronic health conditions to minor health problems. He advocated the usage of the oil in order to help those with arthritis, HIV, chronic pain, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, asthmas, migraines, etc. Rick Simpson Oil for cancer treatment has also been able to treat leukemia, Crohn’s disease, cancer, glaucoma, psoriasis, burns and regulation of body weight.

Rick Simpson states that the important attribute of the oil, i.e. THC comes with a healing property. Studies showed that Medical College of Virginia with the funding of National institute of Health found that marijuana can help to treat tumor. A group of mice with brain cancer was given marijuana. Medical marijuana slowed down the growth of tumors and extended their life. The cannabinoids can fight cancer cells to spread. The process of apoptosis brings in the death of the cells.

Transform Your Body with a Personal Trainer

Are you looking to transform your body? If you are looking for some amazing changes to your body, you need to be prepared for changes like dietary change or sleeping pattern. One should get ready to perform various kinds of exercises. According to a personal training in Toronto, in order to transform the body, one should try to carry out exercises and eat right kind of diet.

How to Transform your Body?

Most people look forward to transforming their body within a short period of time. However, achieving great results, within a short span of time is not achievable. In this respect, personal trainers can easily help people to meet their fitness goals. For instance, with the help of an expert, one can easily tone or rebuild the body. However, the training sessions should be designed in such a way that it complements the fitness goal of the individual.

Exercise Should Be an Important Part

Most of the credible personal trainer in Toronto feels that one important way to transform the body is to start exercising. However, at the same time, one should get enough sleep. Personal trainers can help their clients to choose exercises that is rejuvenating and not tiring. For instances, trainers can help their clients to learn push-ups and squats. These exercises can easily help to shape the body.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Even if you have a transformer by your side, you will need to have a strong nutrition plan. Proper diet plan is needed in order to go with the fitness program. As a part of the nutrition plan, one should go for food intolerance tests. It would help one to learn which food is causing allergic reactions in the body. Based on the test result the food can be easily avoided. Then the body transformation goal can be very successful.

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Guidance of Experts

When it comes to transforming the body, choosing the right equipment is very important. Hence, it is important that one should take the guidance of experts when trying out an exercise on equipment. Proper guidance from a personal trainer in Toronto can help to get the things right. For instance, by learning the correct form one can easily carry out the exercises with confidence.

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Exercise Programming

Most of the time clients might find injure them or might stop training because they don’t feel motivated. In spite of trying one may not be able to give their best. This is why when transforming the body, personal trainers are very effective.

Most of the personal trainer in Toronto would design a suitable training program for their client based on their goals. They will provide programs which the client will enjoy to do.  In fact, they can even change the programming as and when needed. Thus, the health of the client won’t get affected. In order to transform the body, one should start with smaller goals and then move to larger goals.

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It can be said that personal training with the help of a personal trainer in Toronto can be a life changing thing. Personal trainers can look to it that the desired result is achieved by the client.

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